Gazes and disgusts
Followed me even to the surface of my skin 
Maybe they penetrated deep within 
The scrutiny I caused to them 
With my mere existence 
Is what I question in the dungeon of the night

Don't breathe , lay still 
Cause no harm to them 
Cause no harm to the air they breathe 
To the pride they swallow 
Remember don't breathe , lay still

The air around them 
Is the only curtain that covers their body 
Unlike the threads you weave around you
The rhythm of those threads 
Is the essence of you 
And not a shroud to you 
So nurture them and not mourn them 
But remember don't breathe, lay still

Watched you are by heaven and by them
Even your footsteps counted 
The cloth around you isn’t your oppressor 
Their watchful cynical eyes are 
Your hijab isn’t your oppressor 
Their idea of modernity is